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Simple Method:

1) Search products - Enter product type or name in search bar located at the top of the home page. Or click the the Product category of choice or the Product name.

2) Select merchandise - Click on Product Details for more information and if unavailable contact our office for the needed data.

3) Review Items:- Order online throuygh our SSL secure shopping cart. Or email, call or fax (512-837-9368) in your order for fast service. 

4: Order - Your order is reviewed immediately by our experienced staff and verified quickly for your ease of mind.


An order invoice must be acknowledged in writing via email or fax or a complete purchase order must include:

Purchase Orders must be a typed purchase order with company billing information, P.O. number, item number, item color, item quantity, imprint color, imprint location, art instructions, shipping instructions (ship to address[s], ship method, and shipping account # [if applicable]). (Note: handwritten orders are not accepted.)

An Order invoice must contain the same information.

Order invoice must be approved in writing.

Contact your CSR for detailed information (512.837.5443).


Clean and properly formatted artwork (Please see Art Requirements).

Prepayment or payment with order is required.

Established account in good standing, credit approval or receipt of credit card information ((Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and Discover).


Orders and related artwork should be emailed together

Complete purchase order (including art) for Standard Production must be received in enough time to process the order to meet the scheduled delivery date.


Orders may be processed by different departments. Therefore, please include both art and order information in the body of the email with all submissions or resubmissions. All verbal information must be confirmed and verified on any invoice order and confirmed in writing by Purchaser. We reserve the right to refuse any order we feel cannot deliver for any reason at any time.


In-hands date must be clearly agreed and marked. A must- ship date is not accepted – only a clearly marked in- hands date is honored as an in-hands date. If you want your order to ship on a must-ship date you must include the corresponding in-hands date for the admin on the order and P.O.as well. If no in-hands date is clearly listed on the order, factory reserves the right to ship up to 5 working days from receipt of complete and approved invoice order or purchase order.


Factory will not absorb upgraded freight costs when notified of pending event date after order has been placed. For Rush orders and un-established accounts, production begins upon receipt of prepayment. Factory will NOT contact customer when in-hands date is not provided. Order acknowledgement will serve as notice of estimated ship date unless email address is not provided. Orders often may be rescheduled up to two days after acknowledgment ship date.


The absence of any of the above stated information will deem the order incomplete and will delay production time.

Contact your CSR for assistance (512.837.5443).


Acknowledgements: All orders are acknowledged via email. If no email address is provided then order is acknowledged via fax. Upon receipt of acknowledgement, please review all information carefully. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, or if there are any discrepancies, please contact customer service immediately. Orders will be processed and billed as per information on order acknowledgement and are considered final.

Confirmation of Receipt: We generate an email reply with receipt of any order information. This email is a generic receipt and does not constitute as order acknowledgement, but rather as receipt of your sent email. You will receive an actual order acknowledgement within 24 hours of receipt of order unless email address is not provided (Rush order acknowledgements will be processed sooner).  

If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours of submission (sooner for rush orders) please contact a CSR (512.837.5443).


Order Changes: Any changes made to orders after receipt of initial order invoice or P.O. must be made in writing via email or fax. Each change may be billed at $5. All changes made the same day as order shipment will be billed at $20 per change. Those changes would only be change of address or additions to the order. If the order is scheduled to ship in most instances the changes if permitted would take lace the next business day thus delaying shipment.

Note: We will make every attempt to apply changes on ship date but cannot guarantee that this will happen! This does not include factory data entry errors or increases to order quantity. All changes should be emailed. Please include the invoice order # or the P.O#. and your contact information. Also put those numbers in the subject line of your message and clearly list all changes.

Paper Proof: $10. Produced within 48 hours from receipt of the invoiced order or a complete purchase order. Factory will not be held responsible for paper proof approvals that contain errors whether the error is that of the factory or the client. An approval means the Purchaser is approving the product/paper proof. Proof approval is required day before the order is scheduled to be decorated. Proof approvals for large quantity, multicolor, multi-location, 4-Color Process Heat Transfer, and Embroidery orders may be required several days in advance of the estimated ship date.

Contact your CSR for any additional information (512.837.5443).





4CP Custom Packaging: Custom boxes and sleeves may be available.  
Contact your CSR for detailed quote (512.837.5443).


Blank Orders:  Blank items may be available at a discount price. Discount is not available for apparel orders or for orders of closeout items.

          Contact your CSR for details (512.837.5443).


Cancellation Fee:  $65 plus all work completed. Applies to all items except Embroidery.


Embroidery Cancellation Fee:  $120 plus all work completed.


Color/Copy Change:  $35 per change.


Drop/Split Shipments:  $12.50 per location after the first.


Exact Quantity:  $35 per order. Assorted Colors: Minimum of 50 units per color may be ordered. Not available with Less Than Minimum orders.


Flash Layer/Screen:  $35 per location. Applies to silk screen printed orders of apparel items in dark colors (i.e. All colors other than white or light gray).


Handling Charges:  $4.50 per carton fee applies in addition to billed freight including orders may be added to the order.


Imprinted Catalogs: Some custom labeled catalogues may be available.

Contact your CSR for detailed information (512.837.5443).

Insurance:  $3.00) per purchase order.


Less Than Minimum (LTM):  $55 per order, all items except apparel which is $30. Absolute minimum is 1/2 the minimum published quantity. First column pricing applies. LTM is not available for rush orders. LTM is not available for orders of closeout items. LTM fees and first column pricing applies to all re-orders.

Contact your CSR for details (512.837.5443).
Not available for 4-color process heat transfer orders EXCEPT for Drinkware orders (where available) due to the 100 piece minimum order.

Due to the cost of order processing, we will not accept orders for less than $100 (excluding freight).


Over/Under Runs:  Every effort is made to ship the exact quantity ordered; however due to the nature of the manufacturing process we reserve the right to ship 5% (2% on orders of 5,000 pieces or more) over or under the quantity ordered and invoice accordingly.

Contact your CSR for additional details (512.837.5443)

PMS Color Match:  varies $40. Factory will make every effort to closely match any PMS color. An exact match cannot be guaranteed, especially on polyurethane stress relievers and items that are not white. PMS matching is only available for screen and pad print orders (see Embroidery). Neon colors cannot be guaranteed. Note: We reserve the right to print our stock "Reflex Blue" when orders do not specify "blue" and our stock "Emerald Green" when orders do not specify "green". No charge for PMS match for embroidery. PMS matching is NOT available for label or 4-color process heat transfer orders. Art for these imprint methods is CMYK process-printed using 4 individual colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) to achieve a singular/final result. The lack of precision of the Pantone® matching system and color formula mixing process may give results that may vary in final process of the printed art due to color of product, light, and variance in monitor resolution and machinery calibration.


Repeat Orders:  Please see Decoration Method & Charges for applicable fees. Please reference the most recent order number and date on your order invoice. Factory usually will hold information for the current year and one year previous. This is not always guaranteed. Please fax or email a copy of artwork with your re-order for verification. Factory will not be held responsible for errors caused by incorrect P.O. reference.